Our archive of political and security incidents relating to Islamic State activity in Libya

Tunisian ISIS leader arrested

On 3 February, local media reported that security forces had arrested a Tunisian ISIS leader, Bilal bin Abdul Wahab bin Trad, as part of a security...

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ISIS attack in southern Libya

On 24 January, the LNA’s Umm al-Aranib Martyrs Brigade was reportedly ambushed by a suspected ISIS-affiliated armed group between Qatrun and Majdoul...

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23 – 29 September: Alleged assassination attempt by ISIS

On 24 September Saleh, commander of the Khalid Bin Walid Brigade, survived an assassination attempt in the Nassriya district of Sebha. On 23 September, LNA-Spokesperson, Mismari, declared that the leader of ISIS in North Africa, Abu Abdullah al-Iraqi, was killed in the LNA raid in Sebha one-week prior.

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16 – 22 September: LNA arrests ISIS member in Ghadduwah

On 21 September, the LNA claimed that it had arrested an ISIS member in the town of Ghadduwah. On 15 September, the LNA conducted a raid against an ISIS cell in Sebha. According to a press briefing by LNA spokesperson Ahmed Mismari, the raid resulted in clashes that lasted approximately 7 hours and in which 9 ISIS members were killed.

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19 – 25 August: UNSG assesses ISIL still a threat in Libya

On 20 August, a British court sentenced 22-year old Hashem Abedi, the brother of Manchester Area bomber Salman Abedi, to jail for at least 55 years for the murder of 22 people. On 25 August, Assistant Secretary General Coninsx briefed the UNSC on the UNSG’s 11th ISIL report.

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20 May – 26 May: ISIS claims four attacks in Libya in May

On 21 May, ISIS’s al-Naba issue no. 235 claimed responsibility for three attacks in Libya. On 25 May, ISIS claimed responsibility for a VBIED attack in Taraghin. On 24 May, LNA stated that they had arrested suspected Syrian ISIS leader, Muhamad al-Ruwaidani aka al-Baidani in Tripoli.

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4 March – 10 March: Alleged ISIS member arrested

On 29 February a Sudanese doctor was arrested in Libya’s South on suspicion of being affiliated with ISIS and planning to undertake a terrorist attack. He is currently being processed by security forces, who suspect he has knowledge of other ISIS cells in the South.

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29 January – 4 February 2020: LNA claims to have arrested former ISIS media official

On 26-27 January, an unidentified drone flew over Sebha through to Murzuq suspected to be pursuing ISIS-Libya members. On 27 January, the LNA’s 173 Infantry Brigade claimed ISIS fighters had fired on the LNA’s Joint Security Room of Wadi Otbah. On 30 January, the head of the media office of the LNA General Administration of the Criminal Investigation of the Army, claimed to have arrested an alleged former ISIS media official.

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