Libya Security Monitor

The Libya Security Monitor (LSM) is an Eye on ISIS proprietary mapping project and searchable database of developments in Libya’s security space

International actors

Haddad meets with UK MoD delegation

On 10 August, the GNU- affiliated Libyan Army Chief of General Staff, Mohammed Haddad met with a delegation from the UK’s Ministry of Defence and...

Libyan actors

Saleh and Mishri meet in Cairo

On 13 August, House of Representative Speaker (HoR), Aqeela Saleh, met with the head of the High State Council (HSC), Khalid Mishri, along with HSC...


ISIS suspect arrested in Gharyian

On 28 July, the Hashem Brigade reportedly arrested an individual suspected of being a member of ISIS in Gharyian. According to reports, the...

ISIS leader captured in Bani Walid

On 18 June, sources from the 444 Brigade announced that the Brigade had arrested a prominent leader of ISIS in Libya, Mustafa bin Dallah, in Bani...

Other Jihadi groups

International actors
Libyan actors
Other Jihadi Actors

The above is a curated selection of incidents extracted from Libya-Analysis LLC’s monitoring and forecasting products.


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