CRCM North Africa, was a major funding sponsor of the Libya Security Monitor from 2016 to 2023.

CRCM is a consulting company for security and crisis management in North Africa. Their experts give advice to international businesses, NGOs, and foundations.

CRCM designs risk management solutions to enable companies to achieve their goals in high-risk environments. Their analysis and security advice protects people, assets, and information from a range of threats.

CRCM believe that the internationally tested security management tools should be adapted to the region of operation. For this reason, they offer customized security and crisis management solutions and take into account the evolving political and security situation in the North African region.

For years CRCM experts have exclusively worked in the political and security analysis sector with a regional focus on North Africa. Their experts (specialising in risk and threat analysis, planning, implementation, risk management and travel safety) are advised by regional specialists who have a broad knowledge of the region in question and the specific security situation.

Over the years, CRCM have established a reputation for expertise, integrity and rigor. CRCM analysts and researchers are regional experts and they place great value on producing written work that is accessible, objective and unambiguous.

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