How to use our archive

The Libya Security Monitor (LSM) has an archive covering the most significant security incidents since June 2014. Our updates are grouped into four categories: ‘Libyan Actors’, ‘International Actors’, ‘ISIS’ and ‘Other Jihadi Groups’.

To use our archive effectively, enter a keyword into the search bar on our Home Page and limit this within a date range. For a more targeted search, filter by using one of our categories. If you do not specify a date range your search will extract all incidents in our archive dating back to June 2014.  

Useful searches: 

Libyan Armed Groups 

■        Special Deterrence Force (Rada)

■        Nawasi Brigade 

■        Tripoli Protection Force (TPF)

■        Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade (TRB)

■        Stability Support Apparatus (SSA)

■        Bunyan al-Marsous (BAM)

■        7th Brigade (a.k.a., Kani Brigade, al-Kaniyat)

■        Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG)

Libyan Armed Group Leaders

■        Abdul Ghani al-Kikli (a.k.a.,Ghineiwa, Ghinaywa)

■        Ibrahim Beit al-Mal

■        Emad Trabelsi

Terrorist Activity

■        Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) in Libya 

■        ISIS Activity in Sirte November 2014- December 2016

■        ISIS Activity in Sebha

■        ISIS Activity in Sabratha 

■        IED Attacks 

International Actors 

■        United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL)

■        Wagner Group