23 – 29 September: Alleged assassination attempt by ISIS

Sep 30, 2020 | ISIS

On 24 September Youssef Hussein Saleh, commander of the Salafi-Madkhali Khalid Bin Walid Brigade, survived an assassination attempt in the Nassriya district of Sebha. Saleh was shot in the shoulder. The assassination attempt was allegedly orchestrated by ISIS-Libya affiliates, according to the brigade’s social media.

On 23 September, Libyan National Army (LNA) Spokesperson, Ahmed Mismari, declared that the leader of ISIS in North Africa, Abu Abdullah al-Iraqi, was killed in the LNA raid in Sebha one-week prior. Mismari explained that the LNA had originally claimed to have killed the leader of ISIS in Libya, Abu Abdullah al-Libyi. However, after further investigations the individual was identified not as al-Libyi but as the head of ISIS in North Africa Abu Moad al-Iraqi (also known as Abu Abdullah al-Iraqi).