Zawiyyan militias mobilise towards Tripoli

Jul 16, 2022 | Libyan actors

On the evening of 16 July, militias from Zawiyya who are opposed to the Government of National Unity (GNU) Prime Minister, Abdul Hameed Dabaiba, mobilised towards Tripoli including convoys affiliated to Muhammed Kashlaf (aka Qasab) and Hussein Zaet. Forces supporting Dabaiba in the capital, including the Stability and Support Apparatus (SSA) and 444 Brigade, reportedly mobilised in response. By the morning of 17 July it was being reported that the advance of anti-Dabaiba Zawiyyan forces had been stalled at Bridge 27 (near Janzour, between Tripoli and Zawiyya). According to reports, some of the groups which mobilised were seeking to reinstate Mustafa Sanallah as the head of the NOC. Some reports have claimed the convoys were affiliated with Zintani commander Osama Juwaili.