Williams warns of prolonged election delay

Jan 31, 2022 | International actors

In an interview with The Guardian on 31 January, Williams stated ‘My fear is that some people may now manoeuvre for a prolonged period of delay. The HoR exists off a mandate that it was given in elections 3,700 days ago. It has been seven years, seven months since Libya went to the national polls. The other chamber, the High State Council, was elected 10 years ago. Their shelf life has long expired. This is ultimately a struggle over assets, power and money. That is quite a motive to hang on.’ Williams added ‘I want the HoR as quickly as possible to set out a credible political process that answers the question that almost 3 million Libyans have asked, which is: what has become of our elections? It is entirely possible for the HoR to put elections back on track, and for an electoral event to happen by June. Instead, they have turned their attention to the musical chairs game, and the formation of a new government to replace the GNU. Before discussing a new government, whose mandate would be unknown, the HoR should set an election date.’