Tensions rise in Misrata as Volcano of Rage veterans protest at PM’s office

Jun 5, 2024 | Libyan actors

On 5 June, Prime Minister Abdul Hameed Dabaiba and Libyan Army Chief of Staff (CoS) Muhammed al-Haddad negotiated with representatives of Operation Volcano of Rage veterans, who had been wounded during fighting, about their financial compensation.

After the talks were broken off without result, around 250 war-wounded and their relatives demonstrated in front of the PM’s Office in Tripoli, demanding their promised – in their view – payments. The protesters also demanded that Minister of State for Prime Minister and Cabinet Affairs Adel Jumaa relinquish his responsibility for the war-wounded. Some also demanded the ouster of Dabaiba.

The protesters broke through the access gate to the office compound but did not enter the building itself. At the building entrance, they had another conversation with Haddad. Finally, the protesters were forcibly pushed out of the PM Office premises by the security guards, the (Misrata) Mahjoub Brigade. Syrian mercenaries were among the security forces involved. Several of the demonstrators were injured, some even seriously.

On 7 June, members of the al-Muqassabah tribe in Misrata protested against the ‘brutal actions’ of the al-Mahjoub Brigade and Syrian mercenaries against the demonstrators at a ‘peaceful rally’ of the Volcano of Rage veterans in front of the PM office. According to them, one of their tribesmen was injured in the head by the use of firearms and stressed the attack was a violation of human rights and the right to peaceful expression of legitimate demands. The Attorney General and the relevant authorities were called upon to investigate this ‘cowardly incident’ immediately and transparently and to bring those involved to justice.