Rada condemned after releasing former national mobile force commander ‘Cheetah’ from Mitiga prison

Jun 5, 2024 | Libyan actors

On 5 June, the Special Deterrence Force (Rada) released the former deputy commander of the Tripoli Revolutionary Brigade (TRB) Adham Nassouf and a former commander of the (Amazigh) National Mobile Force (NMF), Adel Gloss al-Sifaw aka Cheetah, from prison in Mitiga. Rada commander Abdurraouf Kara gave them a warm and personal farewell. There was no legal basis for the release of the two.

Upon his return to his house in Ghout al-Shaal in western Tripoli, Cheetah threw 50-LYD bills from the balcony of his house to the crowd that had greeted him enthusiastically.

This action by Cheetah was strongly condemned by many users on social media, highlighting that there are people with no salary and no money, yet then there is another class of people who can throw money on the street after years of imprisonment. There have been calls for an investigation. Others criticize the fact that hardened criminals are being released, while members of the former regime have been imprisoned without a fair trial since 2011.