Protests and clashes in Misrata over killing of Nadhouri during arrest

Jun 8, 2024 | Libyan actors

On 8 June, during the arrest of Saddam al-Nadhouri – a wanted felon – by the Misrata Joint Force, Nadhouri was shot and seriously wounded after fierce resistance. Two members of the Joint Force were also wounded. Nadhouri later died of his wounds in hospital. On 10 June, a patrol of the Misrata Joint Force came under ‘heavy fire’ from local militias on the coastal road west of Misrata in Zawiyat al-Mahjoub. The patrol returned fire. The attackers were able to escape. So far there is no information about dead or wounded. The Misrata Joint Force has announced legal action.

On 11 June, a group of about 30 people protested in Misrata – Zawiyat al-Mahjoub against the killing of Nadhouri and demanded an official investigation. The Misrata Security Director must be replaced, they said. PM Dabaiba was asked to make a statement on the Misrata Joint Force and its actions within ten days, saying he is responsible for these developments. This group also denied that a Misrata Operations Force patrol was shot at the day before. They claimed the patrol had simply started shooting without any reason.