Drasa tribe threatens ‘escalation’ over disappearance of HoR member Ibrahim al-Darsi

Jun 8, 2024 | Libyan actors

Anger and demands for information and accountability over the disappearance of House of Representatives (HoR) member Ibrahim al-Darsi have continued in the East. On 8 June, the al-Shuaib clan of the Drasa tribe complained during a tribal assembly that 21 days have now passed since the disappearance of al-Darsi without any information being provided on the progress of the investigation. They said the results of the investigation should be made public and the search for the perpetrator should not be dragged out. The al-Shuaib called on the HoR to set up a committee to investigate the events and warned the Drasa will escalate the situation if there are no satisfactory investigation results.

A prominent member of the Noble & Elder of the Drasa accused the Libyan National Army (LNA) of being behind the disappearance of al-Darsi. According to his information, the latter never left the event marking the anniversary of Operation Dignity in Benina. Therefore, he is in the hands of the General Command of the LNA and nowhere else.

On 9 June, Government of National Stability (GNS) Minister of Interior Issam Abu Zuriba and the Director of the Internal Security Agency (ISA, East), Osama al-Darsi, briefed representatives of the Drasa tribe at the ISA HQ in Benghazi on the status of the investigation. The two emphasized that they would not rest until the truth was found and the perpetrators arrested. The Darsa representatives expressed their gratitude for the ‘swift response’ to their questions and the comprehensive information about the facts. They explained that it was necessary to check rumours in order to prevent unrest. They have confidence in the work of the MoI and the ISA.