Renewed clashes between militias in Zawiyya and Tripoli

Feb 15, 2024 | Libyan actors

On 15 February, at least two people were killed in Zawiyya in a skirmish near the university between Othman al-Lahab’s 103rd Brigade (aka al-Silaa Brigade) and members of the Criminal Investigation Department. The al-Silaa Brigade provides security for the university.

After midnight on 17 February, a fierce battle took place between the Janzour Knights and the Public Security Agency (Emad Trabelsi’s Zintani forces, HQ in the Tobacco Factory) in the al-Ghariyan Bridge – al-Serraj area (in the west of Tripoli). Heavy infantry weapons were used. The fighting was triggered by the Public Security Agency arresting a wanted man at a checkpoint, which triggered a rescue attempt by the Janzour Knights. The coastal road was temporarily closed.