Zintani calls for Dabaiba’s overthrow and pipeline blockade

Feb 16, 2024 | Libyan actors

On 16 February, the Zintan Revolutionaries demanded the overthrow of Prime Minister Abdul Hameed Dabaiba. They declared that they no longer recognized his government, saying it represents the rule of the Dabaiba clan. They called on all revolutionaries in the country to stand together and correct the course of the revolution.

On 17 February, the 17th Border Guard Battalion joined the Zintanis’ call for Dabaiba’s overthrow and announced that they would disrupt the gas pipeline between Daraj (east of Ghadames) and Sinawin in protest against the deteriorating conditions and rampant corruption.

On 18 February, a few dozen protesters in Zintan called for the ouster of PM Dabaiba. Roads were blocked with burning tires.

On the same day, Abdul Hafeez al-Zintani, commander of the 17th Border Guard Battalion, announced that the oil pipeline in the Daraj – Sinawin area would be blocked in stages from 19 February. The pipelines are to remain closed until the Dabaiba government has resigned.

On 19 February, al-Zintani said that the gas pipeline has already been closed and the shut-down of the oil pipeline has started. As of 20 February, there is no confirmation that the pipelines have been closed.