Other – 15 June 2014

Jun 15, 2014 | Libyan actors

Haftar’s offensive against Islamist forces continued. A representative of Haftar said on 6 June that the offensive had seized half of its targets. However, the representative warned of new fighting near the Algerian and Tunisian borders, as Islamists are squeezed out of the east. The fighting would further inhibit oil production in the southern oil fields, and might exacerbate fighting over the control of cross-border smuggling routes. Supporters and opponents of Haftar broke out into a street brawl in Tripoli, epitomizing the controversy surrounding the operation. More central militias appear to be preparing for the fight; the Ahmed Al-Shareef Brigade, based at the Sarir oil field, joined Haftar’s forces this week. The largely Tebu brigade is responsible for security at the Sarir and Messla oilfield, as well as at the Shula oil compound, 450 kilometres north of Kufra.