Key militias declare Tripoli a ‘red line’

Jul 12, 2022 | Libyan actors

In the late evening of 12 July, several Tripoli and Western armed groups leaders held a meeting in Abu Sitta after receiving reports that the House of Representatives (HoR) appointed Prime Minister Fathi Bashaagha was planning to enter west Tripoli through the support of Zintani commander Osama Juwaili. Following the meeting, the armed group leaders then made a public statement refusing to allow Bashaagha to enter the city, describing it as a ‘red line’ and calling for prompt Presidential and Parliamentary elections under the slogan ‘Yes to the elections, no to transitional extensions’. Those in attendance included SSA Commander Abdul Ghani al-Kikli (Ghinaywa), Zawiyyan Commander Mahmoud Bin Rajab, Zawiyyan commander and head of the Western region Intelligence Muhammad Bahroun (aka al-Far), Zintani Commander Emad Trabelsi, 301 Commander Abdussalam al-Zubi, Nawasi Brigade Special Force Commander, Mohamed Abu Draa, and representatives of the Lions of Tajoura amongst others.