International actors

Tracking developments of international actors in Libya’s security space including military activity, the presence of foreign operatives and diplomacy pertaining to Libya’s security.

Russian ambassador tours eastern Libya

On 17 April, Russian Ambassador to Libya Aydar Aganin met with the Chief of Staff of the Libyan National Army's (LNA) Security Units Khaled Haftar, one of Khalifa Haftar’s sons, at Rajma. On 18 April, Aganin met with the House of Representatives (HoR) Speaker Aqeela...

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Russia continues to deliver military shipments to Tubruq

Reports indicate that Russia continues to deliver military shipments to Tubruq. Two Russian landing vessels (the Ivan Gren and the Alexandr Otrakovsky) have delivered two more loads of military equipment and weapons from Tartus port in Syria to Tubruq port over the...

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US ‘closely monitoring’ Russian activities in Africa

In remarks to the UNSC on 16 April, US Ambassador Robert Wood said that, ‘We are closely monitoring the situation in Niger, Chad, Sudan, and Mali – including the movement of foreign fighters and rampant arms trafficking – and its destabilizing implications for Libya.’...

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Shipment of Russian military equipment arrives at Tubruq port

On 14 April, a video was widely circulated on social media showing military vehicles, weapons and military equipment being unloaded from a vessel in Tubruq port. The vessel was reportedly a Russian Ivan Gren-class landing ship which sailed from Tartus in Syria,...

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