Eastern and western MoIs take action after riots at football matches

May 29, 2024 | Libyan actors

On 29 May, following an attack on the Khoms football fan bus in Tajoura, Minister of Interior (MoI) Emad Trabelsi instructed the Security Directorates to increase surveillance of football matches in future in order to prevent fan riots. On the same day, Government of National Stability (GNS) MoI Undersecretary Faraj Qaim banned spectators in the stadium during football matches for the time being, following recent violent incidents in Benghazi.

On 31 May, the President of the Football Association Abdulhakim al-Shalmani accused the fans, and also the media, of being partly responsible for the riots. According to him, some journalists created discord between the clubs and the cities and regions of Libya. He said there will be discussions about whether the Libyan Premier League will continue with or without an audience.

On 3 June, PM Abdul Hameed Dabaiba discussed how to approach the next matches in the League with the Minister of Sports Abdusshafie Hussain al-Juwayfi Bouzlaa and al-Shalmani.