Misrata’s Dafniya gate blocked by Operation Volcano of Rage fighters demanding promised payments

May 27, 2024 | Libyan actors

On 27 May, former members of the Operation Volcano of Rage (Burkan al-Ghadab) blocked – once again – the Dafniya Gate in the west of Misrata, demanding their promised payments for their participation in the defense of Tripoli against the Libyan National Army (LNA). Their spokesman Youssef Mahjoub declared that they have received only false promises from the government.

Over the next few days, representatives of other Volcano of Rage battalions also gathered at the Dafniya Gate to pressure the demand. The gate remained closed for the rest of the week. Many vehicles bypassed the gate on unpaved agricultural roads, creating very long traffic jams.

On 31 May, the Attorney General (AG) of the Misrata Court of Appeals Abdullatif al-Hamali instructed the city’s Security Director to arrest the people blocking the western entrance of Misrata (i.e. the Dafniya Gate) and to hand them over to the AG’s Office if they did not leave within 24 hours. On 1 June, the Dafniya Gate was unblocked by the Volcano of Rage militias, who obviously took the AG’s threat seriously.