Dabaiba meets Hemedti in Tripoli as he continues mediation in Sudan conflict

Feb 29, 2024 | International actors

On 29 February, Prime Minister Abdul Hameed Dabaiba received the commander of the (Sudanese) Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo aka Hemedti and his accompanying delegation at al-Nasr Forest Hall Complex for a discussion on the situation in Sudan.

Dabaiba emphasized the depth of the historical relations between Libya and Sudan, which obliges Libya to assist in finding peace in Sudan under the current circumstances. Furthermore, the PM emphasized the need to end the war and the underlying conflict in order to achieve peace and stability in the region.

Hemedti described the talks as ‘fruitful and constructive.’ He explained to Dabaiba the reasons that led to the outbreak of fighting and outlined the RSF’s strategy to end the war, stabilize and rebuild Sudan on ‘new, just foundations’’.