Concerns grow around Sudanese refugees in Kufra

May 24, 2024 | Libyan actors

As of 24 May, nine days since the newly-formed Security Emergency Room in Kufra launched its security information system, around 8,000 refugees from Sudan have been medically examined and registered, according to the local authorities. About 217 refugees with various diseases were relocated to be treated in hospitals in other cities and abroad.

Muhammed Abulmusha, head of the Media Office of the Government of National Stability’s (GNS) Ministry of Interior (MoI), stressed that the MoI is working in coordination with internationals and local organizations to ensure the required care for the displaced people from Sudan. He emphasized that the GNS is doing its best to provide humanitarian help to the refugees. However, Abulmusha called on the international community to provide more support to Libya which is facing an increasing humanitarian challenge from the influx of displaced people from Sudan. He urged to ease the pressure on local resources to ensure the effective delivery of services.