Zliten ammunition depot explodes

Nov 1, 2023 | Libyan actors

On 1 November, a weapons and ammunition depot located in the June 9th residential area of Zliten exploded. After the explosion, a fire broke out. Due to a series of further explosions of ammunition, the surrounding area was evacuated. Some shells or rockets impacted 4 km from the storage site. The ammunition depot was still on fire the next morning.

The mayor of Zliten, Muftah Hammadi, explained that the explosion only destroyed several cars. Four residential buildings caught fire. Only one person was injured during the explosion. There were also two cases of smoke intoxication. During the course of 2 November the fire was extinguished without any further casualties.

Following the incident, the mayor of Zliten has called for the relocation of all such depots away from residential areas. Subsequently, hundreds of grenades and rockets that were blown away by the explosion have been collected. They are to be destroyed over the next few days.