Grand Mufti calls for release of Hamas prisoners

Nov 3, 2023 | Libyan actors

On 3 November, Grand Mufti al-Sadiq al-Ghariani demanded the release of a Hamas cell imprisoned in Mitiga. The men were convicted of murder, building bombs for the Benghazi Revolutionary Shura Council (BRSC) and conducting bomb attacks. Al-Ghariani stated that it is a shame that the Hamas members are imprisoned while people like Saif al-Islam are at large.

The Dar al-Iftaa called on all Muslims, ‘rulers and the ruled’, to support the people of Gaza. They must strengthen it with all the weapons and money they have. The economy and diplomacy of Israel’s supporters must be boycotted. The Council also called for demonstrations in the squares against the ‘Zionist enemy’.

Furthermore, the Dar al-Iftaa called on all authorities responsible for imports to Libya to boycott expendable goods from companies that support ‘the enemy’ and to classify anyone who buys or sells from these companies as a participant in the war against Gaza. The statement emphasizes that Arab and Islamic countries are legally obliged to prevent the export of energy to Western countries, just as the Zionists prevented the export of energy to Gaza’s hospitals.