Zawiyya fuel depots targeted by drone strikes

Jun 6, 2023 | Libyan actors

During the last week, the Government of National Unity’s (GNU) drone strikes in the greater Zawiyya area and in Zuwara continued, albeit on a much lower level than before. On 6 June, the Libyan Army’s Western Coast Military District urged people throughout this region to stay away from illegal fuel depots, drug stashes and hideouts of criminal gangs. All these are considered legitimate targets for drone strikes, it said. The following day, three fuel depots belonging to smuggling gangs were hit in Zawiyya and one fuel depot in Zuwara. In the south of Zawiyya on the road towards Jabal Nafusah, at least two targets (fuel depots near Bir Muammar and Bir Al Terfas, both in the Wershefana area) were attacked by combat drones and at least one target consisting of several tanker trucks was attacked in Zuwara.