Youth of Hadba protests against Syrian mercenaries in Tripoli

Aug 29, 2023 | International actors

During the night from 29 to 30 August, the ‘Youth of Hadba’ protested in front of the Police Officers School in the Hadba area of southern Tripoli against the presence of the Syrian mercenaries. There were no clashes with the mercenaries. The protesters asked 444 Brigade commander Mahmoud Hamza to intervene and to expel the Syrians, but he refused.

The following day, a firefight took place between Syrian mercenaries and local armed forces near the Police Officers School (next to Camp Tekbali). Later on 3 September, a Syrian mercenary based at the Police Officers School, warned the ‘Youth of Hadba’ on social media of a renewed attack on them. He claimed that they are the ones controlling Tripoli and protecting the government of Prime Minister Abdul Hameed Dabaiba.