UN PoE report highlights Sudan smuggling via Kufra

Jan 13, 2024 | International actors

The UN Panel of Experts report on the Sudan (submitted to the UN Security Council on 13 January 2024) cited members of southern Libyan communities such as Tebu and Darfurian armed groups based in Libya saying that the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) used a supply route to Darfur from southern Libya (via Kufra). The report said that the RSF had procured ‘substantial quantities of fuel’ via this route, along with cars (in particular Toyata Landcruisers) and weapons. Much of these activities in Libya are reportedly being organised and carried out by Darfurian armed groups based in Libya. The RSF also reportedly benefits from coordination with several Libyan National Army (LNA) brigades based in southern Libya including Subul al-Salam – a predominantly Zwai, Salafist brigade based in Kufra which controls the border with Sudan, and with whom some RSF forces were already cooperating for smuggling activities prior to the war.