Two of Bashaagha’s new ministers kidnapped and later released

Mar 3, 2022 | Libyan actors

On 3 March, the Misratan Joint Force under the command of Mohammed Issa is alleged to have temporarily detained the GNS Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hafez Qaddour, and the Minister of Culture and Arts, Salha al-Darrouki. Qaddour and Darrouki were both released after the incident, with Qaddour reporting to local media that they were on route to the GNS swearing-in ceremony in Tubruq when they were stopped at a checkpoint for an inspection and the security situation deteriorated. It is alleged that Qaddour’s bodyguards opened fire on security forces when they refused to be searched. Following the confrontation, Qaddour and his entourage were arrested, though he stated they were treated well and thanked those involved in facilitating his release.