Two killed, over a dozen wounded after clashes resume in Zawiyya

May 11, 2023 | Libyan actors

On 11 May, in the evening fierce fighting broke out again in Zawiyya in the Dhay al-Hilal area (southeast of the refinery) between the local branch of the Counterterrorism Force and local militias from Zawiya Al- Shurafa after a member of the Counterterrorism Force was killed. Parts of the Dhay al-Hilal Health Clinic were also set on fire during the fighting. At about midnight, the 103rd Infantry Battalion and the 52nd Brigade separated the warring parties. Both worked with the Red Crescent to evacuate civilians from the combat area. By the early morning hours of 12 May, at least two militiamen had been killed and about a dozen wounded. Allegedly, five civilians were also wounded. Thereafter, the situation in Zawiyya remained calm, but tense.