Tripoli has reached a ‘very good level of security’, say Trabelsi and al-Sour

Sep 5, 2023 | Libyan actors

On 5 September, Government of National Unity (GNU) Minister of Interior Emad Trabelsi and Attorney General Sadiq al-Sour gave a joint press conference about the security plan in Tripoli, in which Trabelsi said that the city had reached a ‘very good level of security’. He noted that the MoI would focus on improving work in the security directorates of the Nafusa Mountains during the remainder of 2023. He stressed the MoI’s willingness to work with local and international partners in the development of security work and claimed to be in ‘constant contact with all security authorities in the eastern and southern regions.’

Meanwhile, Sour said that although the security situation was not 100% ideal, ‘it is much better than before as we are working in cooperation with various security agencies to maintain improvements at the current pace.’ Sour said his office has over 700,000 cases across Libya, with serious cases (such as murder, robbery and human trafficking) totalling 110,949, and stressed it would work in the coming period to complete these cases, create security and generate a sense of justice among the people.