Tribal forces in southern Libya seeking to form anti-LNA coalition

May 26, 2022 | Libyan actors

Reports have emerged that Ali Kanna, a Tuareg military commander, is attempting to build an anti-Libyan National Army (LNA) armed group to remove the LNA from the Fezzan. On 26 May, a new group called the ‘Armed People’s Force’ was created, nominally under the command of Saif al-Islam Qadhafi. The group’s ‘Operation Liberation Fezzan’ calls for the LNA to depart from Fezzan with specific reference to key strategic military locations, including Jufra airbase. This coincided with reports that Kanna’s Second Lieutenant was arrested by the LNA on 27 May. Claims have also been circulating of LNA defections in Awbari – a known focus point of Kanna support.