Several hundred migrants freed in Tobruk security raids

Aug 2, 2023 | Libyan actors

On 2 August, Libyan National Army (LNA) security forces managed to free some 385 Pakistani migrants in the Lakhwer area, 8 kilometres southeast of the city of Tobruk, who were being held in a warehouse belonging to a gang of human traffickers. The migrants were moved to a nearby criminal police headquarters. The Pakistanis had travelled to Libya with the intention of heading on to Europe, but were detained by a Libyan smuggling gang, which demanded a ransom in exchange for their release. The following day, the Tobruk Security Directorate freed about 530 illegal migrants from Syria, Pakistan, and Sudan who were being held in detention facilities in the Tobruk and Musaid regions. The raids were conducted by the Tobruk Security Directorate in cooperation with the Musaid Security Directorate with the support of LNA military units.