Ras Ajdir crossing remains closed despite progress in talks

Apr 2, 2024 | Libyan actors

On 2 April, some initial progress was made in Ras Ajdir in the negotiations between the staff of the Government of National Unity’s (GNU) Ministry of Interior (MoI) Joint Security Room in al-Aassah and representatives of Zuwara about the MoI taking over the operation of the border crossing.

On 3 April, Libyan Army Chief of Staff (CoS) Muhammed al-Haddad briefed Presidential Council (PC) head Muhammed alMenfi on the security situation at the Ras Ajdir border crossing. On the same day, the Deputy CoS Salaheddin al-Namroush discussed the situation at the border, the status of negotiations and possible further steps with Prime Minister Abdul Hameed Dabaiba.

On 4 April, an agreement was reached between Abdul Hakim Muhammad al-Khaitouni, commander of the MoI Joint Security Room al-Asssah, and the Zuwaran representatives on the ground in Ras Ajdir. The Joint Security Room then took over the security of the border crossing from the Joint Military Force of the Libyan Army with a small number of personnel. There were no incidents. In the afternoon of the same day, Menfi and his deputy Mousa al-Koni received a delegation from the Supreme Council of the Amazigh. They mainly discussed the developments around the Ras Ajdir border crossing.

On 5 April, the Joint Security Room al-Aassah declared that the Ras Ajdir border crossing would reopen in the middle of next week. On the evening of 5 April, the bulk of the Joint Military Force withdrew from Ras Ajdir. Only around 100 men remained on site. The (MoI) Joint Security Room al-Aassah has deployed reinforcements of around 25 men to the border crossing in coordination with Zuwara to support the opening of the crossing. This means that there are currently around 50 members of the MoI on the ground. Access to the border at Abu Kammash will continue to be monitored by Zuwara militias, which are part of the Libyan Army’s Western Military District (led by Namroush).

On 7 April, the Chair of the Supreme Council of the Amazigh in Libya al-Hadi Barqiq stated that there was no date yet for the opening of the Ras Ajdir border crossing, as the work to repair the damage had not yet been completed. On the same day, the MoI spokesman stated that the opening of the Ras Ajdir border crossing depends on the report of the (MoI) Joint Security Room on the security situation on both sides of the border.