other – jan 19 2016

Jan 19, 2016 | Other Jihadi Actors


Battles between local jihadists forces controlling the city, e.g. the Derna Mujahedeen Shura Council (DMSC) and IS are ongoing. The city is witnessing a heightened sense of alarm after more ISIS incursions were registered inside the western parts of the city.

Clashes are intermittent in the southern hills of the Al Fatieh area and in the eastern Sahel region overlooking the coastline, especially in the ‘400 residence area’, where fighting is slowly turning from long distance shelling, into more a street battle.

“Abu Ahmed”, former head of ISIS Islamic Police in Derna was reportedly killed in clashes with the MSCD. The MSCD also killed 2 ISIS fighters that infiltrated Derna and were purportedly wearing suicide vests.


In Ajdabiya, Haftar’s LNA forces managed to oust fighters from the Ajdabiya Revolutionary Shura Council (ARSC) camp in Haniya south of the city on 13 January, and have released videos of the camp. The LNA 21 Border Guard battalion also uncovered a large explosives cache in outskirts of Ajdabiya on 14 January.

ARSC fighters are still holed up in the Industrial complex area of Ajdabiya, reportedly shelling LNA units from these positions. The ARSC seems to have lost the media and political visibility it once had after its commander and a dozen other members defected to ISIS two weeks ago.

Other than intermittent shelling and breakout of limited clashes, fighting in Ajdabiya has died down considerably from last month. However, ARSC forces continue to man some of the checkpoints south west of the city, as released in pictures by their media arm (AL Oqab).