Other–12 Jan 2016

Jan 12, 2016 | Other Jihadi Actors

Fighting continues uninterrupted in Ajdabiya between the ARSC militants and Haftar’s LNA forces, although it does not appear as if either side has made significant progress.

LNA aircraft continued airstrikes in Ajdabiya, specifically targeting the ‘60’ Gate and the ‘industrial complex’. Earlier in the Week, ARSC issued a statement declaring that this entire area is now a ‘military zone’, likely a disclaimer of responsibility for any civilian causalities resulting from retaliatory attacks in this area. City elders from Jalu and Ajkhara refused to treat wounded members from ARSC in Ajdabiya local Hospitals. In response, ARSC fighters blockaded the road between Ajdabiya and the desert oasis cities preventing the delivery of much of the food, medication, and other imports to Ajdabiya.