Other – 18 August 2014

Aug 18, 2014 | Other Jihadi Actors

The fighting in Tripoli continued this week. Although there was a lull in the violence in the early part of the week, 16-17 August saw renewed fighting on the Airport Road, as well as Aqwah, Al-Serraj, Najaila and Janzour. It still appears as though the Misratan and Islamist brigades fighting under the banner Libya Dawn have the upper hand and are continuing to make gains. Libya Dawn is clearly receiving support from an increasing number of revolutionary forces that are sending additional fighters and military equipment into the capital. As such the Zintani brigades appear to be on the retreat, although they are still holding onto the airport. Their allies, the Warshefana, retreated as forces from Zawiya and elsewhere mobilised in response to the Zintani’s attempt to take over Camp 27 last week.