MoI Trabelsi announces withdrawal of all militias from Tripoli

Feb 21, 2024 | Libyan actors

On 21 February, the Government of National Unity (GNU) Minister of Interior (MoI) Emad Trabelsi declared that all militias (‘security and military services’) would ‘evacuate’ Tripoli before the end of Ramadan and hand over all their tasks to the Tripoli Security Directorate. He said that only the police have the right and the task of providing security in the capital.

According to him, this applies to the Public Security Agency, the Special Deterrence Force (Rada), the Judicial Police, the Stability Support Agency (SSA), the 444 Brigade, the 111th Brigade and all other armed forces that are not part of the police. According to Trabelsi, the commanders of the militias informed him that they were ready to withdraw. Trabelsi explained that these militias will return to their barracks and will no longer be present on the streets.