Misrata security delegation visits commander of Wershefana-based battalion

Jun 27, 2023 | Libyan actors

On 27 June, a delegation of security and military leaders from Misrata, led by the Mayor Mahmoud alSoqtari, visited Muammar al-Dawi, the commander of the 55 Battalion based in the Wershefana region. This comes a week after a large delegation from the Wershefana tribe, including mayors, members of the municipalities, the chairman and members of the Council of Sheikhs, Notables & Wise and several militia/security leaders, visited Misrata. They were received by the mayor of Misrata and members of the municipal council, the chairman and members of the Council of Senators & Notables and the military/security leadership of the city. The purpose of the visit was to build trust and bridges of communication. This meeting culminated in the signing of the Misrata-Wershefana Brotherhood Charter, which affirms the commitment to the principles and goals of the February 17 Revolution and agrees to unify the efforts at the political, security, social, economic and military level with the aim to build Libya on the basis of justice and equality among the Libyan people. It commits to the peaceful transfer of power and a civilian state, while rejecting its militarization, terrorism, violence, extremism and ideas that obstruct the democratic path. Finally, the Charter emphasizes the need to find to a comprehensive national reconciliation based on transitional justice.