GNS orders formation of Joint Security Room in Kufra to address refugee crisis in the region

Apr 23, 2024 | Libyan actors

On 23 April, Government of National Stability (GNS) Minister of Health Othman Abdul Jalil and Commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA) Ground Forces Saddam Haftar visited several health facilities and refugee camps in al-Jawf/Kufra as part of a delegation to the area to review the issue of refugees. On the same day, a delegation of the GNS Ministry of Foreign Affairs met with representatives of the Sudanese Community in Kufra to discuss the humanitarian needs of the refugees. The director of the Red Crescent Kufra was also present at the meeting.

On 24 April, Hammad formed a ministerial committee to deal with the refugee problem in Kufra and it held its first meeting on 26 April, which was chaired by GNS MoI Issam Abu Zuriba. The committee discussed the establishment of a field hospital in the ‘neutral zone’ between Sudan and Libya which should ensure an initial examination of all arriving refugees. In addition, the establishment of a separate camp for refugees who cross the border without identification was also discussed. Identity checks are to be carried out in this camp with the support of the Red Crescent.

On 28 April, GNS MoI Abu Zuriba ordered the formation of a Joint Security Room of all security agencies in Kufra in view of the increasing number of refugees from Sudan. This will include the LNA’s Subul alSalam, the Criminal Investigation Agency, the General Directorate for Desert Patrols, the Illegal Immigration Control Agency, and the Security Directorates of al-Jawf/Kufra, Rabiyanah, and Tazirbu as well as the Director of the local Red Crescent. On the same day, Abdul Jalil promised help during a visit to the Bouchoq Martyrs Clinic in Kufra so that the hospital can fulfill its duties towards the population of Kufra and also for the refugees from Sudan.