Libyan actors

Tracking developments of Libyan Actors in Libya’s security space including armed group activity, state security operations and political activities pertaining to Libya’s security.

Pro-GNU Brigade reportedly mobilises south of Ghariyan

On 29 July, the pro-Government of National Unity (GNU) Ghariyan Protection Brigade, under the command of Nasser Ashtiba, reportedly mobilised in areas approximately 20km south of Ghariyan. Ashtiba declared a state of alarm in Ghariyan.

UNSC votes to extend UNSMIL mandate until October

On 28 July, the UN Security Council (UNSC) voted with twelve votes in favour and three abstentions to extend the mandate of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) for three months until 31 October 2022. The three-month roll over is instead of the typical...

ISIS suspect arrested in Gharyian

On 28 July, the Hashem Brigade reportedly arrested an individual suspected of being a member of ISIS in Gharyian. According to reports, the individual is alleged to be an Iraqi national.

Juwaili claims GNU’s legitimacy has expired

On 27 July, Zintani Commander Osama Juwaili issued statements to local media claiming that the Government of National Unity's (GNU) legitimacy had expired and that he may be ‘compelled to use force’ to install Fathi Bashaagha's Government of National Stability (GNS)...

Juwaili holds meeting with pro-Dabaiba armed group leaders

On 26 July, Zintani Commander Osama Juwaili held a three-hour meeting with pro-Abdul Hameed Dabaiba, Government of National Unity (GNU) Prime Minister, armed group leaders. These included Ayoub Abu Ras and Mohammed Bin Rajab. The meetings took place at the 7 April...

New Misratan brigade formed with Juwaili as deputy

On 26 July, Misratan political and military leaders announced the creation of a new Brigade ‘Supporting Legitimacy’. The Deputy Commander of the group is reportedly Zintani Commander Osama Juwaili.

Clashes between JOF and Mahjoub Brigade break out in Misrata

On 23 July, clashes broke out between the Joint Operations Force (JOF) and the Mahjoub Brigade near Zreeg Junction in Misrata. Two casualties were reported including one combatant and one civilian bystander. The Mahjoub Brigade had been stationed at the Zreeg Junction...

UNSMIL condemns clashes in Tripoli

On 22 July, United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) issued a statement condemning the clashes in Tripoli and called for all actors to exercise maximum restraint, address their disputes through dialogue and abide by their obligations under national and...