International aid pours in as rescue teams arrive in Libya following catastrophic storm

Sep 11, 2023 | International actors

On 11 and 12 September, the UN and many foreign embassies and organisations operating in Libya began expressing their condolences for the tragedy and some have pledged support and assistance including the UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan and Turkey. Turkish President Erdogan pledged to send three planes carrying 168 rescuers, two search vehicles, two rescue boats and other equipment. The first of these landed in Benghazi on 12 September. Egypt also established an air bridge to Benghazi to send aid. The UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Libya Georgette Gagnon said she has tasked an emergency response team to prepare to support local authorities and partners in the region.

As of the morning of 12 September, no international rescue teams had managed to reach Derna. However, at the time of writing on the afternoon of 12 September,some power and internetsignal was starting to return to the affected areas and some Libyan and international rescue teams were starting to arrive to provide assistance.