Intermittent clashes in Zawiyya, armed group leader Mohammed Bahroun reportedly injured

Aug 26, 2021 | Libyan actors

On 26 August, intermittent clashes broke out in Zawiyya following the drive-by shooting earlier in the day at Omar al-Mukhtar junction between forced affiliated with Mohammed Bahroun (also known as ‘al-Far’, the ‘Mouse’) and the Stability Support Apparatus (SSA), led by Abdul Ghani al-Kikli, also known as ‘Ghinaywa’. Clashes also took place at Jaddaim (northeast Zawiyya) and al-Arawi (south of Jaddaim) with reports suggesting that 20 people were injured, Bahroun was thought to be among those. Clashes were also reported to have broken out between Bahroun affiliated forces and those affiliated with Mohammed Baraka.