Dec 27 – 2 Jan: Salame will not engage with Saif al-Islam

Jan 2, 2018 | International actors

UN envoy Ghassan Salame’s said on 28 December that he would not meet with or enter into dialogue with Saif al-Islam Qadhafi as he is wanted on charges of war crimes by the International Criminal Court (ICC).  Salame previously said that Libya’s planned 2018 elections should be open to all Libyans, including former Qadhafi regime figures such as Saif al-Islam Qadhafi,

Salame’s remarks triggered a large public and media outcry in Libya and appeared to slow the ‘surge’ in electoral registration apparently sparked two weeks ago after Saif’s lawyer Khalid al-Zaidi announced he planned to stand in the elections.

The international community continues its involvement in transporting illegal migrants out of Libya with the International Organization for Migration helping put 142 illegal migrants on a flight back to Guinea on 27 December