Clashes in Tripoli between Juwaili forces and NMF

Aug 6, 2022 | Libyan actors

On 6 August, forces affiliated to Zintani commander Osama Juwaili clashed with the pro-Government of National Unity (GNU) National Mobilisation Force (NMF) in Ghout al-Shaal, al-Jibs, and near the Airport Road in Tripoli. The clashes were reportedly triggered by an altercation over the control of a checkpoint which escalated. Juwaili forces briefly seized a HQ belonging to the NMF, but it was later retaken after the NMF received reinforcements. Juwaili’s forces reportedly withdrew to April 7 Camp and a temporary truce was declared. The 444 Brigade mobilised in order to mediate. The son of the Commander of the NMF told local media that four members of Juwaili’s forces were killed in the clashes.