At least two killed in clashes between rival armed actors in Zawiyya

Mar 2, 2024 | Libyan actors

On 2 March, clashes broke out in Zawiyya between Muhammed Bahroun’s (aka al-Far) ‘First Support Force (Esnad)’ and an armed group affiliated with the Awlad Saqr tribe, resulting in the opposing groups closing the coastal road near the Harsha Bridge and mobilising heavy weaponry. The violence resulted in the death of at least two people and multiple injuries. The Red Crescent appealed to the warring parties to the end the violence and allow safe passage to civilians that were caught in the crossfire.

The situation was deescalated by the intervention of the 103 Brigade (aka al-Silaa Brigade) led by Othman al-Lahab, with the coastal open reopened on 3 March. No statements on the fighting were made by the GNU or international actors.