Anti – 5 October 2014

Oct 5, 2014 | Libyan actors

The Zintani militias are apparently preparing for war against Dawn who just evicted them from the Airport; the head of the Qaqaa Brigade, Othman Mlegta, has gone to Tobruk recently to coordinate the delivery of equipment and define a strategy for a counteroffensive.

According to the Washington Post, Ibrahim Madani, one of the most important Zintani commanders, was in Tobruk this week consulting with the military’s new chief of staff, Abdulrzag Nadwry, and HoR members. Madani was quoted as saying, “The visit was successful, we got the logistical support we requested. There are some factions of the army that were lacking some equipment and weapons, so the equipment will be sent to us very soon.” This shows that renewed conflict is still on the table although unlikely.