Anti — 20 April 2016

Apr 20, 2016 | Libyan actors

The Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) attacked an ISIS convoy en-route to Bin Jawwad on 16 April, killing ISIS senior commander Abu Hamza Al Jazairi. Al Jazairi is said to have lead ISIS missions in Bin Jawwad and Ras Lanuf. Three other ISIS militants, two Algerians and one Tunisian, were injured in the attack, as the PFG ambushed the convoy with RPGs in Al Haniwah, 20 kilometres southeast of Sirte. This was retaliation for the killing of two PFG soldiers who had been patrolling the Sidra port region on 14 April. Their vehicle was destroyed by IED mines placed by ISIS on the eastern outskirts of Bin Jawwad.

The Libya National Army (LNA) retook Guwarsha from the jihadists on 17 April, including the Benghazi University campus. The LNA also captured strategic locations including the flower factory, army barracks, and naval hangars in western Benghazi. On 18 April, the LNA finally took the cement factory in Benghazi’s Hawari district, the adjoining cemeteries and nearby cattle feed factory. These advances came at the cost fifteen LNA soldiers, including a senior commander and spokesman of the engineering division. The LNA has suffered many casualties due to the proliferation of landmines left by withdrawing jihadists.