Action – 26 October 2015

Oct 26, 2015 | ISIS

An IS training camp in the area of Um Qandil in the central region was struck by unidentified jets within a few hours of the HoR’s 19 October announcement that it was rejecting the GNA. Two more airstrikes followed on 22 October, one against an IS military convoy travelling west from Noufaliya to Sirte, another hitting an assembly point in the government ministries complex inside the city. Seven IS members were said to have been killed in the camp bombing, and a large number of casualties in the other attacks.

Inside Sirte itself, IS continues to consolidate its presence and impose its brutal control, executing more people on 23 October. Reports indicate that around 25 were convicted and executed in the main city square, some of IS’s own fighters were executed on convictions of kidnapping and piracy, and a number of foreign residents were flogged. Manhunts for rebels continue throughout the city, and homes and buildings of fugitives are daily seized for appropriation. Telephone lines and internet connections are also being cut.