Action – 11 October 2015

Oct 11, 2015 | ISIS

IS is shifting its focus from the battles in Derna where it has lost a lot of manpower and influence, deciding instead to fortify its positions in Sirte and the central region as a whole and reinforce its social and fighting base. Clashes broke out between IS and forces from Misrata’s third force on the central-southern route to Al Jufra, after IS ambushed their bus, killing many of the fighters . On the same day, and on the same route, IS hijacked 3 fuel trucks travelling from Misrata to Jufra and rerouted them to Sirte. IS also increased it social and policing activity in Sirte. IS released a number of prisoners from the Gaddafa (aka Qadhadhifa) tribe who they arrested in the last insurrection against IS in Sirte two months ago. In addition, IS also arrested some fringe elements of its own forces that have ‘gone rogue’ in Sirte and are accused of abducting and killing civilians for money. The Sharia punishment of death has reportedly been imposed. IS also published a warning to sympathisers and supporters not to visit Tripoli or Misrata, deemed ‘Infidel’ lands. an audio recording found in the possession of dead IS fighters in Derna by DMSC forces, contained virulent language, spoken with a Tunisian accent, threatening any Jihadis who fought IS in Derna with violent death by slaughter. The recording contains information that more than 700 Tunisians have entered Libya in the last week alone and that IS is building up its forces in Sirte to re-attack the east and Derna with renewed vengeance.