Action 1 Nov 16

Nov 1, 2016 | ISIS

The al-Bunyan al-Marsus spokesperson said last week that the last ISIS-held stronghold in Sirte (al-Jiza al-Bahriya) in which ISIS and BM forces are now fighting, is less than one square kilometre in area. On 31 October, BM forces made further advances into this area. BM forces are also undertaking significant mine clearance missions across the city to remove mines and IEDs left behind by ISIS fighters.

The BM spokesperson also said BM forces are allowing any civilians still living in the densely populated al-Jiza al-Bahriya area to evacuate before they make their ‘final’ assault. Sirte – Some sources claim that this delay in completing the mission is politically motivated on the part of pro-GNA Misratan forces, to enable enough time for the GNA to gain official endorsement from the HoR and negotiate a settlement with Haftar before ISIS in Sirte is defeated and the Misratans have to decide their next move.