5 December – 11 December: LNA removes “terrorist” elements from around Tazirbu

Dec 11, 2018 | Libyan actors

On 4 December, the commander of the Libyan National Army’s (LNA) Kufra Military Region stated that his forces had removed “terrorist” elements from the area around Tazirbu following the assault on the town by ISIS late last month.

On 5 December, the eastern-based government’s Ministry of Interior stated that it had provided new equipment and weapons to Tazirbu security forces. Furthermore, some 300 police officers will be trained up to bolster local security in the area.

Over the last week there has been a notable increase in the deployment of LNA forces to the Oil Crescent. The LNA’s 276, 210, and 106 Battalions as well as the Tariq bin Ziyad Battalion and 73 Brigade have all been deployed to the area and have been undertaking security patrols.