30 May – 5 June: LNA repel attack at Teminhent airbase while delegates from Misrata and Tawergha sign a reconciliation and return agreement

Jun 5, 2018 | Libyan actors

On 31 May, an armed group reportedly composed of Tebu and members of the defunct Benghazi Defence Brigades attacked Teminhint airbase, a strategic airbase around 30km north-east of Sebha which is currently controlled by the Libyan National Army (LNA). The attack utilised armoured vehicles to attack the bases from the gate. Reports indicate that the LNA’s 116th Battalion repelled the attack after three hours and subsequently launched airstrikes against the assailants. The assailants are believed to be based at Palm Farm, 20km south of Sebha.

On 3 June, delegates from Misrata and Tawergha signed a reconciliation and return agreement that will see as many as 40,000 Tawerghan internally displaced persons (IDP) return to their homes. Misratans accuse residents of Tawergha, a town located around 40km south of Misrata, of participating in the attack on their city during the 2011 uprisings. After Qadhafi’s defeat Misratan militias forcefully evicted the entire 30,000 population of the town and have prevented them from returning ever since.